DRAGGED UNDER (Ex-REST, REPOSE) Release First Single “Here For War”

Seattle-based alternative metal band Dragged Under have just released their first-ever single entitled “Here For War”! If you’re familiar with Rest, Repose, you might already know a thing or two about this band, as this is what R,R turned into with a few member changes and some overall rebranding. Consisting of Ryan “Fluff” Bruce, Tony Cappocchi, and Josh Wildhorn, the dudes are back with a new sound and image with their newest single. Check it!


Right off the bat, you might notice how aggressive and punchy things in this track. The mix is bangin’, the drums are relentless, the riffs are massive, and the vocals are a sweet blend of visceral screams and hooky cleans. It’s a super well-rounded metal song that is sure to please metal fans of all types, and we’re excited to see where things go for Dragged Under with future releases.

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