REST, REPOSE Release “Retrospect”, Really Respectable Relatable Rocker


YouTubers Jared Dines and Fluff ‘s band Rest, Repose has been a thing for a couple years now, releasing one EP and touring the west coast of the US to some success (watch our episode of Rigged with them), but it felt like they had’t quite come into their own yet. That is, until today – they’ve just unleashed “Retrospect”, easily their best/catchiest/heaviest song to date. It’s their first release featuring new singer Tanner, whose voice has shades of former singer Vince, but overall adds an incredible amount of strength to the song’s big hooks and crushing riffs. The video features the band in the world of slow motion, where everything is way cooler.

R, r’s eponymous album can be pre-ordered TODAY, so do it nao or be forever condemned to do it later!

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