DAN SUGARMAN Releases Sixth Installment Of Living Album, “Inside/Out”

Former As Blood Runs Black guitarist and current solo artist, Dan Sugarman, has released the sixth installment of his living album, Inside/Out. “The Art of Knowing” is an emotionally charged tune dedicated to the memory of Sugarman’s mother. In the video, Dan also discusses his musical journey that has led him to create a Patreon to help further his vision of giving back to the world in a positive way.


By supporting Dan Sugarman on Patreon, you’ll get “The Art of Knowing” free right off the bat. And for just a $1 subscription, you’ll have access to a new single featuring a different guest artist every month, allowing you to watch Inside/Out unravel. But wait, there’s more! Dan’s an awesome dude, so 10% of his Patreon proceeds will go to a different charity each month as well. So basically, $1 a month gets you music and karma points. That’s a bargain at twice the price.

And one last thing: Dan’s debut album, Centersun, is currently free on Bandcamp for the holiday season. He’s been up to a whole lot lately, so be sure to check out all the content he’s offering. For a concise overview of everything Dan Sugarman, visit his official website here.

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