ALLUVIAL (Ex-The Faceless) Sign With NUCLEAR BLAST Records, Release New Single And Music Video “Ulysses”, and Announce New Lineup

At long last, it looks like we’re going to have music from Alluvial!


The death metal act has gone through their share of changes over the years; starting as a project between Keith Merrow and Wes Hauch (Ex-The Faceless) before seemingly becoming a solo project for Wes while the band went quiet as new material was being worked on. Many fans (ourselves included) have been waiting with bated breath to see what the band would do next, and man oh man, they did not disappoint.

Not only did the group announce today that they have officially signed with Nuclear Blast Records (home to some of our favorite bands in the world), they’ve also released a new single/music video for their song “Ulysses” and announced their new band lineup, consisting of Kevin Muller on vocals (yes, vocals now!), Wes Hauch on guitar/vocals, Tim Walker on bass, and Matt Paulazzo on drums. Oh and their new record Sarcoma is set to drop on May 28th, 2021. *Whew*, did we get everything?

“Ulysses” is everything we could have hoped for. Including of the dark, moody, and ridiculously technical elements the band is known for, it’s the perfect way to introduce their newest chapter. Of course, the guitar tone is on point, the drums and bass are crushing, and with the addition of the insane screams courtesy of vocalist Kevin Muller, it seems like the band has finally dialed in their new sound and we can’t wait to hear the rest of what they have in store.

Be sure to keep up with the band on Facebook and Instagram, and to pre-order Sarcoma here before it drops on May 28th.

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