9 String Vs. 16 String Guitars: FELIX MARTIN And JOSE MACARIO Shred In New Song “LA LLORONA”

¡Ay Dios Mio! What a treat we have here! Venezuelan 16-string shredder FELIX MARTIN and Mexican 9-string shredder JOSE MACARIO have just released a SICK collaboration song/video entitled “La Llorona” in the style of “Mexican Metal.” The song features beautiful Latin harmonies with THICC grooves, FAST tapping, and even some THUMPING.


I absolutely love this collaboration. The melodies are gorgeous, and the video paints a picture of the elegance and rich history of Mexico. Apparently the footage was taken during Felix’s 2019 Mexican tour.

From Felix:

“I am always trying to promote Latin American music to foreign audiences, I feel that our music and culture deserves to be better known around the world. I plan to make more of this type of Latin arrangements, this is only a starting point.”

I could not agree more, and I’m stoked to see what is coming next. In the meantime, jam out to “La Llorona” on Bandcamp and Spotify. Still want more? Follow Felix on his Instagram and website. Be sure to also follow Jose on his Instagram and Facebook.

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