NAMM is straight up Disneyland for musicians, and as the event approaches, the attractions are piling up in the form of performances by your favorite artists, both on the show floor at vendor booths and in venues around the city happening during the show. We want to make sure that you see as many of these awesome performances as you can, so we’re compiling a list of as many as we can find, where and when they’re happening, just for you.


This list will be updated continuously as we find new ones, some are announced very late.

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Thursday 1/25 – 1pm
Friday 1/26 – 3pm
Saturday 1/27 – 1pm
Vigier Guitars
@ Booth 5641

Every Day

  • Sean Ashe @ Tom Anderson Guitarworks – 11AM everyday, Hall D, Booth #5226






  • Follow the Awakened – TASCAM Booth #18910, @ 10:30AM
  • Autograph Signing with Rex Brown (Pantera) – Paoletti Instruments Boom #4025, @2:00PM
  • Nick Lee (Moontooth) – Vigier Guitars Booth #5641 – 1pm

  • James Norbert Ivanyi – Suhr and Friedman Booths
  • Wes Hauch – Seymour Duncan Booth 3pm



  • Yvette Young – Cort Guitars booth at 12:30 (acoustic)
    Strandberg Guitars booth meet and greet 4:30
  • Autograph Signing with David Ellefson – Scarinci Hollenbeck Booth #7506, @ 1:00PM
  • Rex Brown Artist Appearance and Signing – Prestige Guitars Ltd. Booth #3321, @1:00PM
  • Jason Richardson – Joey Sturgis Tones Booth #10748, @2:00PM
  • Geez Butler Signing – Ashdown Design & Marketing Booth #5620, @2:00PM
  • Metal Allegiance – TASCAM Booth #18910. @2:00PM
  • Armored Saint Signing – Rock N Roll Industries Booth #6647, @2:30PM
  • Rob Scallon – Joey Sturgis Tones Booth #10748, @3:00PM
  • Jason (Overkill) Signing – Rock N Roll Industries Booth #6647, @4:00PM
  • Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein – Ace Products Group Booth #6106, @4:30PM
  • Nick Lee (Moontooth) – Vigier Guitars Booth #5641 – 3pm


  • Jordan Rudess – KORG Booth #8802, @ 3:15pm
  • George Lynch – Seymour Duncan Booth 4pm
  • Yvette Young –
    Cort guitars booth at 12 (acoustic)
    Jim Dunlop Guitar Products booth at 2 , Strandberg showcase with Plini at Alvas Showroom 8pm
  • David Ellefson Pedal Launch – ISP Technologies Booth #5228, @11:00AM
  • Shavo Odadjin (System of a Down) – Ashdown Design & Marketing Booth #5620, @12:00PM
  • Gene Hoglan & Austin D’Amond Autograph Signing – Attack Rack Booth #7543, @2:00PM
  • Framus & Warwick Artist Meet and Greet – Booth #4636, @2:00PM
  • Jason Richardson – Joey Sturgis Tones Booth #10748, @3:00PM
  • Brendon Small Signing – Hercules Stands Booth #7820, @3:00PM
  • Nick Lee (Moontooth) – Vigier Guitars Booth #5641 – 1pm



  • Yvette Young – Strandberg showcase with Plini at Alvas Showroom 8pm
  • Jason Richardson – Joey Sturgis Tones Booth #10748, @1:00PM

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