KIESEL GUITARS Announces New “Osiris” Guitar Model for NAMM 2018

Kiesel Guitars has announced a brand new model for 2018, the Osiris. This guitar is meant to be a different take on their recently released single cut “Zeus” model for those of us that prefer double cutaways. The Osiris will feature identical specs to the Zeus model in a double cut version and will be available in 6, 7, and 8 string models, as well as multiscale models.


This guitar has a similar body style to Kiesel’s Vader model but with a slightly rounder aesthetic to the bottom end of the guitar. (Osiris pictured below on left)

From Kiesel: “In conjunction with the new Zeus Series headless guitars, Kiesel Guitars is proud to announce the Osiris Series bolt-neck headless models. Available in 6, 7 and 8 string models, as well as multiscale models, the Osiris Series takes some of the most popular features of our other models, and combines them into one exciting new double-cutaway instrument. The Osiris Series is made in the USA, and loaded with features, along with having Kiesel Guitars’ full complement of Custom Shop options available. It’s boutique instrument, without the boutique price, because Kiesel Guitars eliminates the middleman markup by selling directly to you. You can build your Osiris O6 exactly the way you want it, and be the proud owner of an instrument that will last you a lifetime.”

Below is a demo/review of the new model uploaded by Frank Fleckenstein:

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