NAMM 2015 – LINE 6 Firehawk FX Floorboard Uses Bluetooth & App Editing

Line 6 unveiled their new floorboard amp and effects modeler at NAMM this year, the Firehawk FX. With a flashy name like that, you might expect an upgraded or more powerful version of the POD, but it is in fact a simplified, streamlined version – with a few major changes. It won’t be replacing the POD, merely another option that works somewhat differently.


The differences are partly in the flexibility of editing, and the method by which you edit. The POD’s patches can be accessed and edited from the menu on the floorboard or by plugging into a computer. The Firehawk utilizes Bluetooth for editing via a Bluetooth enabled device utilizing an app to select amps and effects for tweaking. There isn’t a ton of info available for the Firehawk, but it seems to be implied that the tweaking will be limited compared to the POD and that it’s intended for more casual users.

More info on this and the updated wireless units from NAMM in the video below.

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