Musician Life Pro Tip #1 – Hack Doing the Dishes

We all know that musicians are gross manchildren, barren of any life skills and shirking responsibility at every turn. The only people more developmentally stunted than musicians are metal musicians. You know it. I know it. Let’s not waste any time debating. Your house is a damn mess and you found your couch on the curb. You need to get your life.


Okay, okay. I’m sorry for being such a dick about it. So why do I care? Cos you’re gonna blow up our spot bro. Imagine, you’ve somehow talked that cute girl from Target into coming on a date with you. Then, by the grace of god, she agrees to come back to your place. What’s she gonna find? Your pasta-sauce-and-bong-water stained mattress on the floor in your dusty, crack-den-lite share house. She then quickly makes some excuse, leaves, and vows to never accept advances from a musician ever again. You took her out of the game, you son-of-a-b.

Don’t sweat it though. We are here to help you. Gear Gods overlord (and muso with his shit together) Trey Xavier has a few pro tips on how to be a real life grown up. First up, the dishes!

PS. Is it weird that I found those high frequency, fast-forward ‘clink’ sounds soothing?

Video edited by Ahmad Kayali

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Demigod Zeke studies marketing & economics and produces his friends’ disgusting slam bands.

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  • I’ve been doing this shit for years! Can’t imagine why everyone else simply MUST have 300 plates & use a different one for each fucking bite.

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