West Coast Progsmin AENIMUS Release “Before the Eons” Music Video

Progsmin: noun- a person who involves themselves in all things prog.


I’ve been aware of Aenimus for several years now and I’m really stoked to learn about their recent signing with Nuclear Blast Records. Also very stoked on their upcoming release Dreamcatcher which will be out on February 22nd of next year. These dudes combine groovy elements with super ethereal proggy sections with great ease in this track as well as some impressive lead work that is sure to leave all you shredders out there thirsty for more. This music video for the track “Before the Eons” was taken from the aforementioned album and really does a great job at capturing what this band is all about.

You can preorder Dreamcatcher right now on the Nuclear Blast website, through iTunes, or through Google Play.

You can also stream this track on Spotify and Apple Music.

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