VALE OF PNATH Ditch the Tech Death in “The Darkest Gate” Music Video

Hey, so full disclosure here, these dudes are longtime homies of mine so this article is gonna be biased AF. However, putting that aside for a moment I am definitely able to say that this is the coolest, darkest, and most original stuff that Vale of Pnath have ever done.


Vale of Pnath originally started back in 2006 in Denver, Colorado as a technical death metal band. Their guitarist Vance Valenzuela has pretty much been at the helm of this project since it’s inception. He’s a good dude and he knows a whole lot about slingin’ vegan pizza pies if you’re ever in the Denver area. ANYWAY, these guys have released a series of fantastic albums and EPs since 2006 including 2011’s The Prodigal Empire and 2016’s II. Now this year we see the release of a new ep entitled ACCURSED which will be out on May 17th via Willowtip Records.

I must say that I am very excited for his release as I feel it is an incredibly sick direction for these dudes to move in sonically. As I mentioned before, their back catalog is mostly comprised of what many people would consider to be “tech death.” This new stuff has such a sick black metal edge to it that I would almost suggest that these guys have completely abandoned their tech death roots and instead evolved into a blacked death metal monster.

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