TRIVIUM’s MATT HEAFY and IN VIRTUE’s TREY XAVIER Release “We Are The Decayed” Music Video

You may remember last month for Toontrack’s Metal Month celebration we were very fortunate to get a peek into the songwriting process of Trivium’s Matt Heafy. Trey wrote and recorded a track, and flew to Matt’s house to shoot Matt’s complete lyric and melody writing process, from Matt hearing the song for the first time all the way through to a final recorded product in just a few hours.


Well, when you all saw that, you naturally had the same reaction – WHERE’S THE TRACK? Well, it took us some time to really dial in the mix (courtesy of We Make Noise) and produce a good-looking video for it (courtesy of myself and Isaac) so we could deliver you a final product up in this piece. So here it is at last:

And if you want to see how we did it, here’s the video of Matt writing the song from scratch:

Matt streams daily on Twitch and you can find lots of awesome content on his personal YouTube channel as well.

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