QUARANTUNES: SORIZON Debut “Virtual Deception” Music Video And Abide By Social Distancing Rules

The COVID-19 pandemic has all of us feeling a little bit weird I suppose. With each day blending into the next its a hard thing for any of us know when this will end and at what cost. Fortunately for all of us, the internet is an amazing thing and even though we can’t hang out in person, the world wide web can allow us to feel together even when we are apart.


Such is the case for Sorizon who recently premiered a music video for their song “Virtual Deception” off of their new album Thanatos Rising. This band didn’t let social distancing ruin their party. Instead, Sorizon took it upon themselves to shoot this video in the comfort of their own homes. All five of them. I feel like this video is something that we can all relate to, so enjoy!

Instagram & Facebook: @SorizonOfficial
Official Website: www.sorizon.net
Bandcamp: http://sorizon.bandcamp.com/

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