ROB SCALLON Will Make You Swing Your Hips And Bang Your Head With “DJAZZ”

Upright bass? Martini glasses? 8 string guitars? Shorty down in New Orleans that makes me feel like death? Sounds like my kinda party!


Rob Scallon is back this time with an all-star lineup of Rob Ruccia, Jessica Burdeaux, and Jeff Linville to bring you his ingenious hybridization of jazz and djent. There really isn’t a whole lot for me to say about this video other than the fact that you should probably just watch it and enjoy how incredibly ridiculous the entire thing is.

Oh! Also, this track was mixed by Rob Ruccia of Uptown Recording.

You can get this track on iTunes and Spotify as well as most other places that you can usually get music. Additionally, be sure to check out Rob’s Patreon 

The guitar used in this video is Rob’s signature model with Chapman Guitars, which can be bought from the following retailers (depending on where you live):
Argentina –
Australia (Melbourne) –
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