REVOCATION Summon Pirates From The Dead With Their Newest Music Video “Of Unworldly Origin”


You know ’em, you love ’em – Revocation are back at it again. The Boston-based death/thrash metal act have been teasing the release of their upcoming album The Outer Ones (out September 28th on Metal Blade Records), and have just delivered their first single “Of Unworldly Origin” via a kickass music video! This one is especially unique, as it features the band dressed up as undead pirates, with lead singer/guitarist Dave Davidson adventuring through in a cursed witch’s fortress. You’ll probably just want to watch it for yourself.

There’s definitely a little 80s horror movie vibe going on here which we love, what with the VHS-style tape distortion and haunted house setting. Featuring Davidson’s signature Jackson Warrior WR7 guitar, the song itself is a total banger from front to back (in true Revocation fashion, of course). One of the best parts of this band is Davidson’s ability to infuse complex jazz chord voicings into even the simplest of riffs, and this track is riddled with ’em. There’s even a classic bluesy, searing guitar solo from Davidson that hits you right in the cajones. Yeah, this thing has everything you’ll ever need in a Revocation tune.

You can preorder The Outer Ones on the Metal Blade Records website. There are various and sundry bundles to choose from, but you’d better choose quickly before they run out. And if there’s one takeaway from this video, it’s to be mindful of where ye seek ye buried treasure, yarrrr – ye just never know what spooks lie beyond ye shiny doubloons, yarr.

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