ONEOHTRIX POINT ZERO Blankets You in Feeling Down in This Video for “Black Snow”


Yes, yes, yes…metal IS great. We all like it, some more than others, but if you’re reading this, chances are you’ve thrown up the horns a time or six. But you gotta branch out a little man. You can go as low as you want to, but if you can’t expand your musical pallet, what the hell are you doing? This is why we are bringing you this new video from experimental synthlord Oneohtrix Point Never for the song “Black Snow”.

You might be thinking that this is a little too far from the heavy that our usual metal brings to your ears, but I implore you to think again. Listening to this track just brings the whole mood down. The ominous  and disjointed visuals, the lonely, hard to understand vocals, the glitch solo that makes me want to sleep with the lights on. The track isn’t metal, but it has the feeling down to a ‘T’. And Daniel Lopaitin (Oneohtrix’s real name) is no stranger to the heavier side of electronic music, he regularly draws influence from Nine Inch Nails, Aphex Twin, and Prurient (Prurient even plays on Lopatin’s new album!). I suggest stepping out of your musical comfort zone here, it could teach you something.

Oneohtrix Point Never has a new album coming out in June 1st titled Age Of, that you can preorder on your favorite future music service here. If you like what you hear and what to go deeper into the exploratorium, jump down the rabbit hole and throw him a like on Facebook, it’s the least you can do.

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