JASON RICHARDSON Gets Freaky With This Metal Rendition of the HALLOWEEN THEME


As the trees turn orange and the air gets cooler, images of jack-o-lanterns, candy corn, and all manner of things spooky pop into your head. As you close your eyes and breathe in the earthy scent of fallen leaves and pumpkin spice in your autumn-colored cardigan, you are interrupted by the sound of what appears to be a metal rendition of John Carpenter’s “Halloween Theme”. Oh no, could it be? Is that Jason Richardson in a Michael Myers mask? Holy shit, holy shit, he’s walking right towards you. Oh, sweet God, he’s picking up speed. Jesus H. Christ, you’ve got to get out of here! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.

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Senior Editor at Gear Gods living in LA. Just trying to figure this whole music thing out, really.

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