JARED DINES Unleashes The “Demogorgon”, Announces 2 Solo EPs

Jared Dines has wormed his way into our hearts as the creator of such musical comedy staples as “10 Ways To Hold A Guitar (For Beginners)”, “Drummers On Drugs” and more. But if you go back far enough in his YouTube channel, you can see where he started – as a brutal vocalist for the band Dissimulator – and now he’s embracing those roots again.


After taking a short break from YouTube, he has returned with both a new full music video for his song “Demogorgon”, but also a few promises – of a pair of new EPs titled The Dark and The Light, respectively, and if the pre-orders reach over 2500, a collaboration album with over 20 YouTubers. Now that, I would like to see (and be on! Call meeeeeeee).

You can hear the first taste of his solo stuff right here:

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  • as far as this sort of thing goes. This is top notch.

  • Looks like he took his lighting cues from JJ Abrams.

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