JAMES NORBERT IVANYI Shreds Across the City in the Official Music Video for “Terraform Diminution”


Few things in this life are fair. This is just the way it goes. Paying taxes? Unfair. That shmoe over there has a nicer car than you? Unfair. Being born with red hair? Unfair. James Norbert Ivanyi adds to this list. Not only can the man shred your pants off, he also has a killer moustache. And he flaunts both of these amazing things in his new video for “Terraform Diminution”. UN. FAIR.

This song starts like a lot of other solo instrumental works that are going around these days. A little tapping here, a little shred there. But then you hear it. That SYNTH. The synths and electronics are what really push the song from here, to HERE. And HERE is where you wanna be! The song is just one fantastic lick after another and it also ends with the instrumental equivalent of a mic drop. But, does James need to say more?

“Terraform Diminution” appears on Ivanyi’s 2017 EP Denalavis which you can find here on his Bandcamp. I’m not seeing anything there about growing that lady killer of a moustache though, so looks like we’re SOL on that one, boys.

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