IRREVERSIBLE MECHANISM Are Infinitely Sick in This Brand New Music Video For “INFINITE FIELDS”


If your usual sandwich at the local prog diner comes with blast beats, orchestral string sections, and a side of melodic-as-hell guitar solos, you might want to pull up a booth here, because we’ve got quite the special today. Minsk-based metal group Irreversible Mechanism have been turning heads for awhile now with their lip-smackin’, tasty progressive sounds. Combining relentless intensity with numerous melodic elements, these dudes are definitely a talented bunch. And now they’ve gone and released a live music video for the title track from their 2015 LP Infinite Fields through their label Blood Music! Feast your eyes and ears.

Under the veil of masterfully technical shredding, Irreversible Mechanism does a great job of blending brutality with musicality. With what appears to be a ton of jazz-inspired chords and song structures similar to bands like The Faceless and Fallujah, the guys are clearly capable of bringing some deliciously dense tunes to the table. And for being a relatively young band, they have quite the loyal following, so good things must be in the works! In a recent interview about the music video and current state of things, the band had this to say:

“We’re glad to present our first official music video filmed in Moscow during 515 Fest. These days we are in the process of our second LP album recording [wooh!]. Drums and bass sections are already finished and we keep on going with the rest. We’re trying to do our best and hope you’ll enjoy it. Thanks for all your support and also for ordering our merch (it really helps us to move on).”

What a class act! To get your hands on Infinite Fields, head to the band’s Bandcamp page (it’s pay-what-you-want, so you basically can’t refuse). And to get even crazier with some additional Irreversible Mechanism swag, check out their BigCartel site.

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