I BUILT THE SKY Release Cloudy Acoustic Jam “Striations” With Tim McMillan and Rachel Snow

One bandist i built the sky has been one of the frontrunners of Australian instrumental guitar-based shred rock (let’s face it, there’s a bunch at this point), and there is no stopping him now! He is entering new areas with a brand new acoustic song “Striations” (still keeping with the cloud theme), and has enlisted help from guitarist Tim Mcmillan and Violinist Rachel Snow!


It’s always hard to make a really intricate and shreddy song for acoustic guitar, but it really works here. The two really play off of each other really well. And I’m always a fan of adding some violin in a cool setting like this, even if it’s more of an accent instrument. Plus, the scenery is gorgeous! The whole thing makes me want to hunt for Bigfoot in the Appalachian wilderness with my main man Buck. But you know, in a really chill way.

i built the sky has a whole mess of cloudy releases on bandcamp there, and you can find out more about them on Facebook. And hey, you know what, throw Tim and Rachel some love, too! Here’s Tim’s Facebook page, which Rachel is also regularly featured on. Go check them out, OR ELSE.

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