DFB Transcends Minds With This Exclusive Music Video Premiere for “TRANSCENDENCE”


Ahhh yes, the big DFB. Starting out in 2013 by founding member Dylan Fürr (hard to believe, right?), these guys have seriously been bringing the groove for a few years now. Hailing all the way from Los Angeles, CA, the progressive metal trio recently got signed to Famined Records, which may be on the opposite side of the United States but sure makes these dudes feel at home. The band just released their latest album Perspective about a month ago, so things have definitely been exciting at the DFB camp. And with all the big news, it only makes sense that DFB release even more cool stuff, so here’s an exclusive music video for the song “Transcendence” off the band’s newest record! Groovay baybee!

Now in terms of all things prog, this is a pretty dope little ditty. It’s got the shreddy passages, the soaring vocals, and of course, the big grooves, just to make sure things stay e x t r a t h i c c . Aside from showcasing Dylan’s exceptional playing as a guitarist, the song stays memorable and heavy throughout, which is always a good combination. The track features vocalist Elijah Arnold singing and screaming his heart out, as well as drummer Rings of Saturn drummer Aaron Stechauner behind the kit, so you know it’s gonna be heavy. Definitely FFO bands like Periphery, TesseracT, and Animals As Leaders. You can’t go wrong!

You may also notice the sweet Marconi Lab guitfiddle that Dylan is playing here. If you’re into ergonomic guitars, you might want to spend a second checking out their axes. Here’s what he had to say about it!

“The guitar used in this video and on some of the songs from album was made by Marconi Labs. It’s an Ego #Super 7 string custom with Blackout 7s, from my other sponsor Seymour Duncan. Featuring fanned frets that make it super shred friendly, the neck shape is a variable neck that changes slightly as you go higher up on the neck to mold to your hand more naturally. Under the eye catching paint job, is a 3 piece body, 2 of which are mahogany and one small arm piece on top is maple to help get a similar separation of voices to my signature Claas guitar. The fretboard is ebony with a glossed single piece flamed maple back that looks incredible. I usually prefer satin necks but the Italian company did a stellar job at creating a finish that looks great and doesn’t inhibit playability or speed. One of the power sources behind the great tone of this monster is due to another one of my sponsors featured in this guitar – Seymour Duncan. This guitar has Blackouts that make it a versatile powerhouse. Playing in drop C with a low G is no issue on it either, even with the T4M floating trem which is really cool. It’s lightweight, headless, ergonomic design makes it easy to play for long periods of time in any position. And the awesome glowing amp used is a Laney Ironheart 120. For other tracks on the album I also used my killer Claas signature DF-1000. ”

According to vocalist Elijah,

“For this video we wanted to convey a sense of isolation, a feeling of being trapped in a kind of purgatory. It’s relevant to the scene in the concept of the album, and is reminiscent to how I think a lot of us are feeling with the way current events are.”

“We were so glad to have Aaron with us for this shoot. He’s been a friend of the band for years and it’s been awesome to watch his progress with Rings of Saturn. A spot on the billboard charts is damn impressive for a death metal band, especially one as polarizing as Rings.”

For all things DFB, get at their Facebook and merch pages. You can stream Perspective on the band’s iTunes and Spotify pages as well. Big things are sure to come, so keep your eyes and ears peeled!

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