Croatia’s Cold Snap Premieres Bloody “Silent Killer” Music Video

Last week Cold Snap, the biggest metal band in Croatia, teamed up with to premiere their gory and creepy music video for their song “Silent Killer” off their new album World War 3. The video features the band being kept hostage in a secret lab by an insane scientist who shoots them up with glowing chemicals and keeps them as his personal musical slaves.


If you’ve never heard of Cold Snap, I suggest you check out their other music videos for a lesson in how to make a sweet video on a shoestring budget. You don’t need expensive aerial shots of your band performing in a desert with a helicopter to make a compelling and scary video, and “Silent Killer” is no exception.

Singer Jan Kerekes is a professional actor, and the mad scientist keeping him and his bandmates as pets in the video is his father, actor Ljubomir Kerekes. The video was shot in one day using props borrowed from a local high school to build the terrifying laboratory of death.

World War 3 is out now and you can get it on iTunes or Amazon

More info on the making of the video and quotes from the band on

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  • Reminds me of Fear Factory and the jump da fuck up parts of SoulFly.

  • The music made me expect Corey Taylor to do guest vocals on this.

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