BORN OF OSIRIS Get Digitized With New Music Video For “Cycles of Tragedy”


Sumerian Records metal band Born of Osiris have a bit of exciting news today! They’ve just put out their newest “mini-LP” The Simulation today, and have also dropped this dope-as-eff music video for the track “Cycles of Tragedy” from the new release. The video follows the theme of a simulated reality that the rest of the album pertains to, and features the band performing with tons of crazy digital visual effects and CGI, which is not unlike the previous music video they released for their song “The Accursed” (below). The mix is stellar and personally reminds me of some of their older releases that I grew up with, so this new album is definitely a welcome direction for the band.

You can stream the album here, and follow the dudes on Facebook for maximum simulated consciousness.


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