ARTIFICIAL LANGUAGE – “These Aren’t Mirages” Exclusive Music Video Premier


I think we can all agree that the progressive metal scene is immensely overpopulated these days. At this point, people who play prog are like the DJs of the metal world. That being said, Artificial Language certainly have an extra “oomph” that makes a lasting impression and separates them from the riffraff. Overall, their sound is undeniably rooted in progressive rock with hints of jazz influence, but the idea of telling a story through notes and lyrics hasn’t been lost in technical complexity. Vocalist Shay Lewis does an especially impressive job of nailing those melodic hooks, man.

If you haven’t heard of Artificial Language before now, don’t fret; they’re actually way new to the scene, but are already dropping bangers. “These Aren’t Mirages,” premiered right here, is taken from their forthcoming debut LP, The Observer. Due out April 28th, “These Aren’t Mirages” gives a pretty good sense of what you can expect from the album. Dense keyboard layers, guitar harmonies, deft drumming, and expert vocals. There isn’t anything in there that’s not awesome, really.

To follow Artificial Language on their journey, check them out on Facebook here. And if you’re feeling keen to preorder The Observer after sampling this track, you can do so by clicking here or on the image below.

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