Mini Pedals with Massive Tone – JOSH SEGUIN Reviews MOOER CALI DUAL and RADAR


Guitarist JOSH SEGUIN (Mute the Saint, PDP) breaks down his live sound using the MOOER CALI DUAL and MOOER RADER. He’s achieved a pretty tasty tone, continuing the modern tonal development that reaches for heavy lows, crunchy defined highs for pick attack, and just enough mids for clear note definition.

What’s incredibly impressive to me, is that this huge tone is coming out of two mini pedals. The MOOER Cali Dual is a pre-amp, and the MOOER RADAR is a speaker simulator. The Radar has 30 cabs, 11 mics, 4 power amps modeled, and even has IR loading capabilities. These aspects make it possibly the most versatile modeler I’ve come across in this relatively very affordable price range. He mentions that the only EQ moves he made while mixing the demo were within the 2-3 Db range, meaning that the huge, clear tone in the video is pretty much the tone out of the modules.
It’s relieving that companies like MOOER are creating products like the Radar, which make solid professional tones easily attainable for musicians. Check out the video to hear what we’re talking about.
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