RUSH’s “YYZ” Off-Tempo Is Scarier than Halloween, the Presidential Election, Killer Clowns, etc

Do you remember back in September, when YouTuber Pluffnub took it upon himself to punish the entire rock/metal Internet community with his off-tempo deconstructions of Metallica? I.E., the “every song played at once” meme of this generation? (pls give me no funeral for writing that sentence)


Well, that dude is back, this time with a total no-brainer: Rush‘s “YYZ” with every single instrument off-tempo. I assume every reader of this site has Moving Pictures memorized, so this is sorta like if you flicked on the TV and caught Pulp Fiction but with every other frame out-of-sync. Pretty hilarious results, which kinda sound like a Deathspell Omega demo or something. Check it out below:

So yeah, try falling asleep tonight after that one.

P.S. here’s a quick stroll through some of this guy’s most mind-warping mutations.

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