ACACIA STRAIN’S “Tactical Nuke” But Every Time the Tempo Drops So Does the Tuning


So, The Acacia Strain have an absurd track called “Tactical Nuke” that’s just five minutes of breakdown. I’m guessing the title has something to do with how obliterating and brutal, man it is, but it mostly ends up being one of humankind’s biggest follies. Until now…

See, the original “Tactical Nuke” stayed in one tuning the whole time and just got slower. Andrew Baena and bassist Johnny Ciardullo picked up the slack on this rendition and got slower and lower. Watch them go from Drop F to Flop Z in what’s gotta be the meme-iest “Tactical Nuke” reboot.

For more from these two, Andrew and Johnny play in a progressive metalcore band called Galactic Pegasus and cite The Acacia Strain, among others, as one of their primary influences. Do it up!

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