Watch STEVE VAI Play A Fan’s PARKER FLY During Clinic


In rock rock ‘n’ roll, sometimes you give a fan a guitar, and sometimes you get a fan guitar. It’s just the way it goes. And I don’t know about you, but if I were all pro and shit, I’d probably prefer the former. Because, you know, it’s way easier to play your own guitars that you know intimately and are most comfortable on. Who the hell knows what you’re gonna get tuning/set-up wise if someone hands you their shit to play.

If you’re Steve Vai, though, you’ll rip on anything, as he clearly demonstrates in this fan-shot video from the Vai Academy back in 2015. Evidently, he was waiting on a tech to bring him his Evo, and someone in the audience offered up a Parker Fly to play in the meantime. Steve was clearly reluctant at first, even mentioning “[he’ll] pass” before being coaxed by the audience into playing it. He apologized in advance for what might be a fumble-y performance, then proceeded to shred everyone’s tits off on “The Audience is Listening.” No surprises there.

Congratulations, Francisco Tomás, on having your Parker imbued with magical properties right before your very eyes. I hope you’re not a gear junkie because you can’t ever sell this one.

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