Spawn of Possession “Church of Deviance” Banjo Cover? More Like “Church of Deliverance” Am I Right, Folks?

It’s Halloween today, people, and the only true way to welcome the return of our temporary pagan gods is with the most traditional of all dark instruments: the banjo.


…Yeah, I wouldn’t have made that particular connection either.

But to hell with it. Rob Scallon has decorated the walls in a seasonally-appropriate gory fashion, and he rips the hell out of Spawn of Possession’s “Church of Deviance.” So throw up your horns and praise Satan on the one day of the year that you can get away with it at work, because you can claim you’re just giving props to Jim in the copy room and the red pajamas that he’ll be wearing to the after-hours party.

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  • This is ridiculous haha

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