Snacking For Vengeance Pairs Touring Bands With Stomach-Smashing Recipes

Given the obvious marriage between beer/craft food culture and metal/punk (which is in itself, in a kind of “craft” period), there’s been a smattering of heavy metal-themed cooking shows as of late. Our own Frank Godla has Taste of Metal over on Metal Injection, where musicians are put to the test in the kitchen, and now our buddies Chris Pacifico and Frank Huang are about to drop the toasty Snacking For Vengeance.


As you can tell from the trailer, Chris & co. cook up a custom item for the band, eat it, and then talk… some jive. What looks cool about this show is that it’s a bit more informal than most YouTube interviews, since the bands are literally just putting a few back while dishing the dirt about the realities of sustenance on the road.

Guests this season include HavokRoyal ThunderWhite Widows PactGatecreeper, and more. Subscribe to their channel for more info!

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