ROYAL BLOOD – ANDERTONS MUSIC CO. Recreates Their Sound with an Unlimited Budget


If you haven’t heard of Royal Blood before, they’re sort of a hard blues/stonerish 2-piece (bassist/drummer!) out of the UK. They’ve only been around since 2013 but have already generated one hell of a buzz – quite enough to warrant a “Sounds Like” video from Bea and Matt over at Andertons as well.

With money as no object, the Andertons dudes did their best to replicate frontman/bassist Mike Kerr’s distinctive tone and style. You might imagine that playing bass in a band without a guitarist would suggest a hefty pedalboard setup to make some wonky-ass tones. Which, as evidenced by this vid, is exactly the case.

For more experiments like these from Andertons, check out their playlist on YouTube, and be sure to say hello to the Royal Blood guys while you’re at it.

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