PENTAKILL – In-Game “League Of Legends” Band Announce New Album, JORN As Karthus

League of Legends’s very own virtual metal band, Pentakill, will be releasing a second album next year. Norwegian hard rock/metal vocalist Jorn Lande (currently of solo project, JORN) made the announcement yesterday that he will be returning to contribute vocals as the League of Legends character/metal frontman, Karthus the Deathsinger. As of yet, a release date hasn’t been set in stone.


If you haven’t heard Pentakill before, check out “Lightbringer” from the first album below:

Epic has never been a more fitting description. If you’re digging what you’re hearing, you can download Smite and Ignite free on the Pentakill website. Okay, so I’ve never played League of Legends myself, but I will say this band makes me want to reactivate my WoW account and log some serious, Mountain Dew-fueled hours. And that’s not at all a bad thing, you feel me?

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