MUNICIPAL WASTE Party; Take on Yuppies, Hipsters, Satanists

Municipal Waste is one of the last few fun bands in modern music: whether we’re talking rap, pop, rock, or metal, everything is so overly serious, art-y, and stale. By contrast, Waste, as I’m sure readers of this site are aware, are ridiculous, childish, and often hilarious.


Past videos of theirs have spoofed movies like Repo Man and Event Horizon, TV game shows, and the Toxic Avenger. Their new clip for “Breathe Grease,” a cut off the new Slime and Punishment album, is their first proper “party” video. But since this is Waste we’re talking about, they squeeze a lot into that concept: satanic cults, warm craft beer, bearded dudes in turtlenecks, and vomit gags.


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