Best Idea Ever of the Week: Metal Talk Show, “Two Minutes to Late Night”

When I walked out of Magic Mike XXL last year, I thought: the only thing that makes me sad about this is I wasn’t a part of it. And that’s how I feel about Two Minutes to Late Night, a pilot for a metal late-night talk show made by Mrs. Woman Productions.


You see, as the Late Night Television scholar of Blast Beat Network (ask Vince Neilstein at MetalSucks), I am the ideal demographic for this show and its would-be advertisers – presumably outlets like 3 Floyds Brewing, Metal Beard Club, Emperor Cabs, and more should be chomping at the bits to buy commercial space – and have wondered whether such a show like this would actually be possible.

The results of the first episode, shot at Saint Vitus Bar and featuring guests Ben Weinman from Dillinger Escape Plan and Laura Stevenson alongside house band Mutoid Man, are pretty interesting. I like that they’ve taken such a tongue-in-cheek, self-conscious approach to the concept (much like Eric Andre has done with his show), which I think leaves open the possibility of going even more out there.

Check out the pilot below:

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  • I’d watch this. Fuck, I’d even buy the dvd’s if they ever made them. Excellent, just my kind of show.

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