KRALLICE Dropped Insane New Album Prelapsarian at 5AM

Are Krallice the Childish Gambino/Drake/Beyonce of surprise metal album drops? The band has been coyly teasing a new album Prelapsarian for a while now, and finally released it at the crack of dawn (doom?) this morning. This is in a year in which they already released a surprise EP, and a year after releasing surprise album Ygg Huur with just a Facebook post.


This is a band that the more prog-minded Gear Gods readers may not be familiar with, but need to start listening to. I’m six minutes in to the twelve-minute opening track and cannot believe how much Krallice continues to develop their dynamics, subtleties, and uh, tight riffs. Recorded/mixed/mastered again by Colin Marston (also of Gorguts, Behold the Arctopus, Dysrhythmia, etc), it’s also one of the loosest metal albums I’ve heard in a while. Great stuff.

Stream below and nab it via their Bandcamp page.

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