Ridiculous Japanese Band Goes Super Fast, Invents the “Cockroach Mosh”

You can always count on Japanese musicians to out-do Americans on the ridiculous scale – no matter what the style. Viscera Infest, whose profile pic describes them as a “forensick highspeed bulldozer” may have taken extreme music to new levels of absurdity.


Take the song “PARACOCCIDIOIDOMICOSISPROCTITISSARCOMUCOSIS,” which has also been described as “Fast. Fast. FASTEST,” with a 340BPM blast beat (or, if you’re like me, you could just count it as 85). Their fans dance to this song by doing a “cockroach mosh,” in which they lie down on the ground and wiggle their limbs. So, yeah, uh. Watch below:

If you enjoyed that, here’s the rest of the band’s performance at that show:

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