Why Not Buy Bobby Jarzombek’s Drumset?

Halford/Iced Earth/Fates Warning/Spastic Ink/etc drummer Bobby Jarzombek is my second-favorite Jarzombek of all time, right behind Ron. But I play guitar and bass. If you’re a drummer then Bobby is your guy. So to you folks, the drummers, or maybe just any non-Canadians who want to be kicked in the teeth by the exorbitant cost of shipping two 24-inch kick drums, this might be of interest to you.


Bobby’s old Pearl BLX drums are up for sale on eBay right now. It’s a monster 8-piece (no snare) kit. Just the drums and mounting hardware. The BLX drums were discontinued in the early ’90s, but they were one of Pearl’s top-of-the-line 6-ply Birch series at the time.

Jarzombek used this kit on tours with Iced Earth and Helloween, and on his Performance and Technique instructional video. I’m assuming he can’t really use it at performances anymore since he’s a DW endorser now.

I’m intrigued by his “open-handed” drumming, i.e. he rides with his south paw. There’s definitely a lot of advantages, and in my limited amateur drumming I’ve experimented with it myself for certain beats, but I’ve personally just never been able to get comfortable riding on the hat like that. To be fair though, I’ve never thought to lower it like he did. I imagine that helps.

Real drummers, chime in here. Have you tried swapping sticking positions like this? Not just for the occasional beat, but as your default position? How long did it take you to get comfortable. And do you have to switch back if you ever want to ride on your floor tom, or did you move a ride cymbal or floor tom to the other side of your hi-hat just for that purpose?

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  • I’m a lefty, so playing like Ringo only makes sense to me. However, I’ve had no formal training either.

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