As a general rule, I think originality is king. If a band or artist already exists, why cop their style only to be a subpar clone?


But on the flip side, dissecting something you love to learn what makes it tick is the best way to learn – and it’s FUN. Especially when you get to collaborate with cool people to do it, like I did in this episode of my series Let’s Write A Song!

Today I’m tackling writing a song by my #1 favorite band, the triple vocal attack of synthy Euro dancepop metal powerhouse Amaranthe. I wasn’t sure if picking apart my darlings would take away from the experience of enjoying their music, but I had a blast doing it and I think the final product really came out.

The video features Amaranthe’s Olof Mörck on lead guitar so you know it’s officially approved, and I got a couple of amazing singers to help me out – Angel Wolf-Black to do the Elize parts, and Metal Mary Z to be my Henrik. Enjoy, and let me know if you think I nailed it!

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