GUITAR WORLD Features PLINI In PROG-GNOSIS Series To Show You Lead Guitar Writing Tips


Progressive metal has a plethora of talented guitarists to brag about these days, many of them sporting extended range or headless guitars. One of the most fun to see play is Plini, the prog-fusion guitarist from Australia. His playing will put most guitarists to shame! However, he is willing to share is ancient guitar secrets.

In Guitar World’s Prog-Gnosis, Plini shows us how he creates soulful and interesting lead lines over complex chord voicings. He makes it very easy to follow along (even it you’re a theory n00b) and really dives into the knitty-gritty of each phrase, using the song “Selenium Forest” as an example. These are definitely useful tips to make your leads and solos sound a little more unique, so pay attention!

Check out more of Plini’s fusion jams and head over to the Guitar World page for more tips and tutorials.

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