ENTHEOS Guitarist TRAVIS LEVRIER Breaks Down the Riff From “The World Without Us” Via Ultimate Guitar

In case you’ve been living under a prog-less rock, progressive metal band Entheos released their newest album Dark Future last year, and hot damn, was it a banger. Somewhat of a supergroup, the band is comprised of Travis LeVrier (ex-Scale the Summit), Evan Brewer (ex-The Faceless), Navene Koperweis (ex-Animals As Leaders), and Chaney Crabb (ex-Systems). Amongst the mayhem of preparing for a tour with Rings of Saturn, Nekrogoblikon, and Allegaeon, guitarist Travis LeVrier somehow found the time to sit down with the good people at Ultimate Guitar and bring the world a much-needed lesson. This comes to us in the form of his detailed breakdown of the opening riff from the band’s song “The World Without Us”.


As you can tell, the section that Travis goes over is full of various techniques, including palm muting, string skipping, and harmonics. Even though the picking patterns and speed make this riff seem daunting at first, Travis breaks it down into a few manageable sections with ease. You can tell he’s probably done this once or twice before.

If you need that next hit of extra-tight riffage, today’s your lucky day. Travis is clearly no stranger to guitar lessons, and gives them through Skype on a regular basis, so be sure to hit him up at tlevrier.lessons@gmail.com for all your metal guitar needs.

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