DWEEZIL ZAPPA Shows You How to Break Out of the 2-Note-Per-String Pentatonic Box


In this cool little lesson by the one and only Dweezil Zappa, he demonstrates alternate approaches to the tried and true pentatonic scale. While the 2-note-per-string version works perfectly well, it can prove to be limiting – especially once you’ve maxed out your alternate picking stats.

As Dweezil shows us, a little variation on A minor pentatonic in the 12th position turns the scale into a series of 3 notes and one note per string. The mix-up allows you to throw in a splash of sweep picking, opening up a completely different set of possible licks. Or, if you’re a real champion, you can hybrid pick it, sit back, and enjoy your newfound wealth and fame.

Now you can’t say Dweezil didn’t show you something sick as shit today.

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