ZYLIA: The Only Microphone You’ll Need For Your Whole Band Goes To IndieGoGo


Let’s face it: if you’re a live audio engineer, performer, or studio musician, you know just how much of a pain it is to deal with running cables, miking things up, and setting levels, on top of everything else you have to do. As much as these procedures are a part of the experience, more often than not they get in the way of the performance or recording. Enter the multichannel microphone with a name that sounds like a Godzilla villain: Zylia!

Zylia is a single microphone with a few game-changing features. At its core, it’s a multichannel microphone with nineteen (count ’em!) capsules in it. Each capsule is its own independent microphone, meaning you have control over 19 separate mics in one unit. This alien egg-looking contraption is ideal for artists who play in groups, work on sound design, or do front-of-house engineering.

The concept is pretty dang easy: simply place the Zylia microphone in the center of the action, setup each instrument that will be recorded with Zylia’s super sexy software, and off you go. As it’s recording, the Zylia separates each instrument based on how they’re placed in the recording software. On top of that, these features can be tweaked and saved ’til your heart is content. Whether it be a live song from a band that needs mixing or 3D sound recordings for game design, the Zylia mic is intended to make the whole process a helluva lot easier.

Last we checked, the Zylia campaign was at 75% of their final goal of raising $30,000. With only a month left, the time to support this project is now. If you want to help make the mass-production of this tiny-dome microphone a reality, check out their Indigogo page and give them your dollars! The different tiers include different amounts of swag depending on how much you want to donate, so there’s definitely something for everybody.

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