Specdrums – Kickstarter Campaign to Make Your World a Sound Machine

What are Specdrums, I hear you say? Well, have a look here and find out what these little beauties are.


So these little fellas are pretty nifty; controlled through an app you can download on to your phone or other electronic device, you are able to use your worldly surroundings in order to create your own brand of music. Essentially, you tap on a colour with the ring, and it triggers a sound in the app. Which means if you’re one of those types who is endlessly tapping wherever you are, you can become even more of an annoying twat than you already are. Jokes aside, they do look pretty cool and a load of fun, there’s more to them than I initially thought when I looked at the site as there are numerous possibilities of sounds and different instruments to play about with to keep you entertained on those long bus journeys.

The rings which you slip on become the sensors in order to create the sound once it comes in to contact with something of a certain colour, therefore you have the capability of setting up your own custom musical settings and arrangements to best suit yourself. The amount of colours you can play on is also technically unlimited, and you can play on practically anything around you.

At the time of this writing the pledge is at circa $60,000 which smashes its original goal of $15,000, if you wanna pledge then you can do so here.

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