JASON BECKER Is Crowdfunding A New Guitar Album!

Well here’s a sentence I never thought I’d write – Jason Becker is making another guitar album. Now, clearly he won’t be playing on it – he’s had ALS for 27 years, and despite doctors telling him he wouldn’t live to see 30, he is now 47 and can only move his eyes. He composes in what much be an agonizingly slow process using an alphabet system developed by his father where he moves his eyes to indicate certain letters – but most importantly, he still composes.


In this video for his new Indiegogo campaign, he explains that he needs support from his fans to pay for the studio time and all the related expenses for making the album, and the list of guest guitarists is off the charts – Joe Satriani, Aleks Sever, Jeff Loomis, Trevor Rabin, Steve Morse, Gus G, Chris Broderick, and more. The rewards for contributing range from T-shirts and downloads to autographed guitars and sharing your guitar performance video on his page.

This is potentially a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to contribute to one of the greats and help make his music come to life, so check out the video and if you feel moved to contribute, you can do so here.



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