POLY EXPRESSIVE: Hands Free Effects Control Will Soon Revolutionize Guitar Effects


Guitar effects are really the most inconvenient thing for guitar players. Anytime you want to adjust any of the settings, you have to take your hands off of your guitar. That’s where the hands go! It’s crazy that guitar effects have come this far and no one has solved this problem yet. But, someone has! Australian based company Chroma Coda has created a MIDI guitar effects controller that is %100 hands free. And here’s how.

The Poly Expressive (that’s what it’s called) comes with an easy and intuitive app that is easily programmable to do almost whatever you want with it. Simply customize whatever kind of controller you want to use, and then you can print out what is essentially a map so you know where to press with your feet. It uses XY pads as well as pressure sensitive pads for extreme precision so the thing does what you want it to. The Poly also works with a wide array of pedals, amps, and DAWS, so there are hundreds of different combinations to try with this.

BUT WAIT. Chroma Coda needs your help! This product is in its Kickstarter campaign right now, and it needs more funding to actually get made. Check out the page and read up if you think this is something you need. Ya’ll got until January 8th, so hurry up! My bassist sized brain can’t comprehend everything this thing can do, but maybe you can understand and rock the hell out of it.

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