DRĒMTRIGGER’s Kickstarter Campaign is Closing Soon

Some smart dude has developed a handy-dandy, ultra portable, standalone drum trigger unit that has it’s own built-in sound module. Pretty damn cool, right?


That smart dude is Josh Fifelski, the trigger unit is the DrēmTrigger (pronounced “dream-trigger”) and there is currently a Kickstarter campaign running to get this new gadget off the ground.

Josh’s Kickstarter has raised approximately $20,000 of  capital, out of the $35,000 goal, with just over a week to go. So if you want one of these bad boys at a discounted price, better get in quick.

There’s some cool features on this thing. The unit has 2 drum pads on top that you can strike to trigger one-shots, loops or assigned MIDI signals. It’s also got 8 hours battery life and, according to the promo, runs at a tiny 3.0ms latency from hit to sound. Noiice.

The design of the trigger mechanism is pretty cool too. It uses a laser for its hit detection so that the unit doesn’t need to rest on (and potentially mute) the drum head. The future is now.

Pictured: DrēmTrigger’s head engineer.

The primary selling point of the DrēmTrigger (for me at least) is it’s self-sufficient portability. You load up your own samples and loops to the 4GB hard drive, via USB, throw it on your drum and you’re ready to go. No need to bring any other sound unit to make it work.

But, if you really want, the unit will act as a regular ol’ MIDI controller, just like your other triggers or pads. But let’s be real, how many samples do you use live? It feels silly to bring that whole Alesis “brain” for just 1 damn snare sample.

You drummers need to do yourself a favour, go on the DrēmTrigger Kickstarter and pre-order one (or two) of these …especially if youre my drummer, who has my module on perma-lend. You son-of-a-betch, Luke Terry.

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