BopPad – An Entire Drum Kit On One Pad

No, this isn’t a brand new bop it, twist it, pull it game (even through that we be cool).  This is actually a really cool drum pad.  The way the BopPad works is that you can program up to 4 different instruments on the four different regions on the pad.  You can even just leave it at one instrument, say a snare drum, if you want.  You can use pretty much use anything to play the pad: sticks, mallets or even your hands.  All that is required to start using the BopPad is a computer and the willingness to come up with some sick beats.  Check out this awesome demo of the BopPad; there is so much you can do with this thing!


BopPad is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter.

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Lucas majored in Guitar/Music Technology at the University of Louisiana. He now uses this degree to decorate his wall.

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