MUSIC IS WIN Delivers This Epic Jam That Features an Endless Wave of the Net’s Best Guitarists


Our good pal Tyler Larson of Music is Win fame (sweet name) has been cooking something special for everyone. Tyler has gathered the Internet’s best and brightest musicians for one big, happy, shreddy jam. Hope you like guitar solos (and one bass solo!).

This song features a LOT of musicians, and all of their solos could warrant separate videos all on there, but we get them all at once. Which musicians are in this thing, you ask? ROLL CALL! We got Troy Grady, Tom Quayle, Pete Thorn, Adam Neely, Lari Basilio, Chris Zoupa, Jared Dines, Pete Cottrell, and Tyler Larson himself all in this song. You can’t really ask for a better line up of players.

After you watch the video, make sure you check out everyone’s individual channels. Also, check out the rest of the Music Is Win channel for more of everything you need to know about music. Maybe there will be another jam of just bass players soon! Nah, no one wants that. That would be dumb.

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