TUE MADSEN – Legendary Metal Producer Reamped DRUMS on Latest Meshuggah Album


Tue Madsen, fabled Danish producer noted for his work with bands like Dark Tranquility, August Burns Red, The Haunted, and more recently Meshuggah, was in Los Angeles working on an instructional session for Nail the Mix. Gear Gods was able to sit down and pick Mr. Madsen’s brain about his Nail the Mix lesson, working on The Violent Sleep of Reason, and yes – even reamping Tomas Haake’s drums on the album.  

It just so happens that significant business is done drunk at 3:00 am. A chance meeting with Meshuggah bassist Dick Lövgren at a wedding eventually led to his producing 2016’s The Violent Sleep of Reason. In this interview, Tue talks about how and why drums were reamped, and also about some happy accidents/experimentation that spawned an absolutely filthy guitar tone that was right at home in a Meshuggah mix – but perhaps not many other places.

According to Tue, finding the right balance between natural sounds and processed sounds was key on this record. Lucky for us, he took a stab at mixing “MonstroCity” once more from scratch in order to demonstrate some of his methods. If you’d like access to Tue Madsen’s lesson and others like it, be sure to check out Nail the Mix for more.

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